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What is Digital Marketing?

What is a digital marketer? Digital Marketing explained, simply & honestly from the expert:

Almost everyone uses GOOGLE to search for what they need or want and most folks (76%) will not scroll past the first page.  If you want to remain relevant or increase your revenue this year, you must invest in putting your business online, specifically the first page of GOOGLE. Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be used to maintain and grow local relevance quickly, but may take some time to develop organically on a large scale and time is money.


PPCPay-Per-Click or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the fastest and most affordable way to get you to the top of GOOGLE so we can generate more revenue. You are only charged when your ad is clicked:  if 20,00 people see your ad (impressions) and only 150 click it (clicks), you are only charged for those 150 clicks.  The beauty of digital marketing is that everything is 100% measurable, and actually easy to understand and control.  The CPC or cost per click/conversion is dependent on numerous factors including: the quality of your site, the keyword fit, and the fact that all of these ads are purchased and sold through RTB or Real Time Bidding via GOOGLE partners and various ad exchanges.   Getting the consumer back on your website is called re-targeting which is most effective in the form of display (visual ad as opposed to text).


Most digital marketing agencies charge CPM or Cost Per Thousand (Mila) impressions.  They are charging you for impressions...we just showed in the previous example that impressions are FREE! Other agencies will simply charge a percentage (usually 20%!) of what you spend on your ads each month and depending on how many clients you want, you're now giving away a chunk of profit each month to another company, in a long-term contract.  The secret is you really only need a large contract digital agency if you are spending millions of dollars a month, which most small and medium business owners are not.


We're here to educate and empower you as a small business owner to use these tools yourself.  We know what works and we will set you up with a custom media mix plan dependent on your goals and analytics so you can measure them.  Whether you want to target your local neighborhood or a specific city, state, demographic,  etc., we will tailor the campaign to fit your needs and we WILL NOT charge a monthly fee!  Affordable. Honest. Effective.

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